• Peter B. Lane
  • Brian Crowne
    VP, Walmart AMP
  • Darcy Ballew
    VP, Communications
  • Missy Kincaid
    VP, Development
  • Scott Galbraith
    VP, Programming & Executive Producer
  • Laura Goodwin
    VP, Learning & Engagement
  • Wendy Riggs
    VP, Operations
  • Tim Vogt
    VP, Finance
  • Jason Smith
    Executive Asst. & AFO General Manager


  • Jennifer Ross
    Director, Programming
  • Robert Ginsburg
    Jazz Curator
  • Rachel Culp
    Program Coordinator

Learning & Engagement

  • Patricia Relph
    Arts Learning Specialist
  • Mallory Barker
    School Services Specialist
  • Sallie Zazal
    School Engagement Coordinator
  • Meghan Foehl
    Engagement Coordinator


  • Taylor Speegle
    Director of Corporate Relations
  • Cheryl Kester
    Director of Grants
  • Amy Freeman
    Corporate Relations Manager (WAC)
  • Will Watson
    Annual Giving Manager
  • Kyle May
    Walmart AMP Corporate Manager
  • Vanessa Evans
    Donor Engagement Coordinator
  • Molly Throgmorton
    Development Coordinator
  • Rachel Pianalto
    Development Coordinator
  • Zach Strickland
    Club AMP Coordinator


  • Jill Suel
    Director, Marketing
  • Jennifer Wilson
    Director, Public Relations
  • Casey Weiss
    Digital Marketing Manager
  • Hillary Scott
    Senior Marketing Coordinator
  • Heather Holland
    Creative Director
  • Randi Cruz
    Public Relations Coordinator
  • Kimberly Jones
    Groups Sales Coordinator
  • Krissy Kirlin
    Digital Content Specialist


  • Katie Mihalka
    Ticketing Services Manager
  • Jennifer Dobrowolski
    Box Office Manager
  • Andrew Crowe
    Walmart AMP Box Office Manager and Assistant Box Office Manager Walton Arts Center
  • Ryan Bradshaw
    Ticketing Services Specialist
  • Zeb Clark
    Partner Specialist
  • Mason Wells
    Subscription Specialist
  • Mel Phillips
    Ticket Rep
  • Megan McAllister
    Ticket Rep
  • Mitsi McKee
    Ticket Rep
  • Tessa Miner
    Ticket Rep
  • Harley Procell
    Ticket Rep
  • Anthony Fine
    Ticket Rep
  • Fallon Yockey
    Ticket Rep


  • Sandy Dilbeck
    Director, Finance
  • Leslie Brown
    Staff Accountant
  • Elena Terrell
    Staff Accountant
  • Roy Everett
    Finance Coordinator
  • Robert Martin
    Database Administrator

Human Resources

  • Karen Percival
    Director, Human Resources
  • Harrison Williams
    Human Resources Coordinator
  • Kelli Parker
    Receptionist & HR Assistant


  • Sharon Randall
    Assistant to VP of Operations

Events & Patron Services

  • Nick Zazal
    Director, Events & Patron Services
  • Shayne Purdue
    Events Manager
  • Ranny Kulink
    Patron Services Manager
  • Taylor Hight
    Senior House Manager
  • Beth Hopkins
    Administrative Asst. for Volunteer Programs
  • Justin Holmes
    Events Assistant
  • Anna Hope
    House Manager
  • Renwick Hudson
    House Manager
  • Tina Jimenez
    House Manager
  • Tom Perry
    House Manager
  • Heather Schneider
    House Manager
  • Jessica Traufler
    House Manager
  • Kimberly Wright
    House Manager
  • Chelsey Herrold
    House Manager
  • Lauren Lawson
    House Manager
  • Schuyler Schwarting
    House Manager


  • Pete Croken
    Director, Production
  • Valorie Jones
    Production Services Manager
  • Jacob Christiansen
    Production Staffing Coordinator
  • Alex Newby
    Head Carpenter
  • Drew Miner
    Carpenter Assistant
  • Timothy Grace
    Head Audio & Video
  • Josh Spurgers
    Head Lighting
  • Lydia Winkelmann
    Electrics Assistant


  • Bob Pless
    Director, Facilities
  • Mike Herbert
    Maintenance Engineer
  • Thomas DeBari
    Facilities Services Manager
  • Rick Durham
    Maintenance Assistant
  • Elizabeth Washington
    Facilities Crew
  • Norman Bolstad
    Facilities Crew
  • Amanda Reyer
    Facilities Crew
  • Bryan Wise
    Facilities Crew
  • Cassandra Cody
    Facilities Crew
  • Christy Robe
    Facilities Crew
  • Clay Lamanske
    Facilities Crew
  • Garrett Woodward
    Facilities Crew
  • Jeff New
    Facilities Crew
  • Joshua Williamson
    Facilities Crew
  • Karla Lester
    Facilities Crew
  • Kevin Davis
    Facilities Crew
  • Kinsee Daniels
    Facilities Crew
  • Mary Miller
    Facilities Crew
  • Nora Albrecht
    Facilities Crew
  • Roger Ramirez
    Facilities Crew
  • Ryan Cantoma
    Facilities Crew
  • Sam Grinceri
    Facilities Crew
  • Sheri Barnett
    Facilities Crew
  • Wendy Moss
    Facilities Crew
  • Wyatt McCollom
    Facilities Crew

Walmart AMP Production

  • Brian VanAuken
    Director, Production
  • Alan Chapman
    Assistant Production Manager

Walmart AMP Front of House

  • Stephanie Simpson
    Director of FOH/Client Services
  • Ryan Burkevich
    Customer Service Manager

Walmart AMP Food & Beverage

  • Clay Lane
    Director, Food & Beverage
  • Megan Templeton
    Food & Beverage Assistant
  • Joel Yermack
    Food & Beverage Crew

Walmart AMP Maintenance

  • Mark Richardson
    Facilities Engineer
  • Marcus Richardson
    Maintenance Crew
  • Bernard Davis
    Maintenance Crew