Digging Up Arkansas LogoFor more than twenty years Walton Arts Center has partnered with area school districts to strengthen the school experience in Northwest Arkansas. When teachers reported that teaching Arkansas History was challenging, we knew that the arts could make a big difference. The need for better instruction in Arkansas History had been identified as an education gap so we began to think about what Walton Arts Center could bring to the education community that no other organization could. We knew that the arts could make students deeply care about and remember the history of our state and we knew that WAC could make a difference. So the Walton Arts Center Learning team went to work on a series of Arkansas focused performances for students—Bear State of Mind, Digging Up Arkansas, Down the Dirt Road Blues and Ozark Journey: Biographies in Song were created and thus, AHA - Arkansas History Through the Arts was born. Many generous donors, sponsors and grantors have contributed to Arkansas History Through the Arts. Because of their support, we are able to take these programs to schools all over the state of Arkansas, at no cost to the schools. 

If you are interested in helping to support Digging Up Arkansas, please contact:

Missy Kincaid, Director of Donor Engagement
479.571.2781 | mkincaid@waltonartscenter.org.